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CoPilot Pressure Controller - 2007-2011 Jeep 42RLE. The ATS Co-Pilot for the Jeep 42-RLE (2007 to 2011 only) is a Must, it commands line pressure and internal clutch timing within the transmission to improve the reliability of the 42-RLE transmission by adding holding force of the clutch packs and converter clutch. Any Jeep that has over sized tires or a modified engine Needs the assistance of the Co-Pilot transmission controller to increase the line pressure of the transmission to adjust for higher power levels or oversized tires. The Co-Pilot will work on any transmission stock or modified, when used in conjunction with an ATS transmission or valve body maximum line pressure is achieved providing the best in transmission performance and reliability. <br />The 42-RLE is plagued by small clutch packs, weak hard parts, a constant slip torque converter lock-up, and inadequate line pressure. Typically, these issues can result in the failure of the stock transmission with just a mild tune or larger tires. The Co-Pilot addresses these concerns. <br />What is the ATS 42-RLE Co-Pilot<br />The Co-Pilot consists of a controller and wiring harness. The harness plugs into the TCM connector on the main computer located in the engine compartment. The harness is completely plug and play for easy installation. The controller mounts in the cab and allows the driver to view critical transmission and engine inputs such as line pressure and commanded engine load. To view the different sensor inputs all you do is depress the up or down arrows. These changes can be made on-the-fly or with the vehicle stopped.<br />What Does the ATS 42-RLE Co-Pilot Do<br />The Co-Pilot controls line pressure, clutch timing and more aggressively applies the converter clutch under high torque situations. Line pressure is limited in a stock 42-RLE to 90 PSI. Unfortunately, this is not high enough to reliably prevent clutch slippage at higher power levels. The Co-Pilot senses throttle position to q

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