Bully Dog Big Rig

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In 2006, Bully Dog launched their first aftermarket product for heavy duty semi-trucks/articulated trucks. More than just raw horsepower, Bully Dog's(TM) goal from the beginning in the heavy duty market was to calibrate engines to run more efficiently, and in turn produce measurable improvements in fuel economy. With intimate knowledge of the heavy duty lifestyle, Bully Dog understands just how essential mitigating rising fuel costs is to each and every operator's livelihood. Bully Dog's(TM) passion for excellence is making Bully Dog Big Rig(TM) 'now a full-fledged heavy duty outfitter' a market leader in the heavy duty market. With wide variety of turbochargers, intake & exhaust manifolds, accessories, and the industrys most highly-advanced tuners, big rig owners across the globe can become better equipped to maximize performance and efficiency on the route ahead.

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