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We've bundled everything you need in a leveling kit for your 20-21 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 2WD/4WD with high quality Cognito components. There's no guesswork.The Cognito Standard upper control arms are built with a modified ball joint angle to eliminate travel limitations of the ball joint in lifted applications. Upgrade your stock upper control arms with Cognito Standard Control Arms for better performance, style and function.Ample droop travel is required for good ride quality and all suspension components to last and work properly. The allowable droop travel is also improved with the design of these arms.Cognito Torsion Bar Keys levels the front with the rear of the truck. Their forged construction makes them practically indestructible and they bolt in for easy installation. Made in the USA.Each Kit Features:Yields 3 inches of front liftCognito Ball Joint Standard Upper Control Arm KitTorsion Bar Adjuster Key KitFront shock spacersImproves vehicle appearance and reduces nose-down rakeImproved ball joint angleMaintains adequate droop travel to retain ride qualityFits up to a 35x12.5-inch tire on a 9-inch wide wheel with 5.75-inch backspacing3-hour DIY install timeMade in the USA

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