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Patented OCTAGON profile compliments the styling of today's hard edged trucks and SUV's, and is a look that no-one else can offer. DEEP CHROME Finish – for an even brighter shine than polished stainless steel, that will never become dull, or yellow like stainless steel will. 2.5mm thick MILITARY GRADE ALUMINUM TUBES, with either chrome or black powdercoat finish will NEVER RUST, PIT, PEEL, FLAKE OR DULL. The ultimate in long lasting great looks. Extreme corrosion resistance and backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY. Our black powder coated tubes are coated with a two-stage e-coat then powder coat process, the same as required by the OEM's. Our BLACK TUBES are also backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY, unlike the competition. Our tubes include OEM STYLE plastic BRACKET COVERS. These covers improve the appearance by making the bracket look big and beefy but also, they protect the bracket from unsightly stone chips and rust that is visible on all other aftermarket tubes without bracket covers. ULTIMATE GROUND CLEARANCE BRACKETS, with the brackets not extending below the tube, unlike the competition. Aggressive step pad tread design, is molded from the same UV weathering, impact resistant grade of resin used by the OEM's unlike most aftermarket companies that use a brittle and poor weathering grade of resin. All mounting hardware is coated with the same OEM coatings used to pass 1000hrs salt spray testing and are far superior than the zinc or galvanized hardware used by others. All tubes mount USING THE OEM MOUNTING HOLES, for fast installation with clear and simple instructions.

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