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<p>Hedman Hedders has been manufacturing quality headers in the USA since 1954, and they've been manufacturing Jeep headers for decades. Each set uses mild steel, smooth flowing, CNC mandrel bent tubes, that are hand-welded to ensure each pair is identical to the next. Hedman's unique, gasketless ball and socket collector design allows your exhaust system to bolt up to these GEN-3 AMC V8 headers, even if it is not perfectly aligned with the header collectors.</p><p>These uncoated, LONG-TUBE, Fenderwell-Exit headers fit 1972-1986 Jeep CJ5, CJ6 and CJ7 models with a 304-401 AMC V8. They are compatible with both manual and automatic transmission setups, and the long, smooth 1-3/4 in. tube, Dog-Leg port design provides excellent exhaust flow to let your CJ's Tall-Deck, AMC V8 engine breathe freely, and produce maximum torque to power you through virtually any trail.</p><p>These headers are uncoated, and ship from the factory with a temporary black paint that will burn off when submitted to normal operating temperatures. For protection against the element and lower underhood temperatures, these headers are also available with a silver or black ceramic-metallic finish.</p><p>Each set includes a pair of gaskets, header flange bolts and collector bolts. No collector gasket is needed.</p><p>Hedman Hedders is so confident in the quality of its headers that these headers are factory backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.</p>

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