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The Max Energy Power Programmer is available for select 2007.5-1996 Chrysler/Dodge/Ford/GM/Jeep/Nissan vehicles with optimized engine tuning for maximum power and performance for any kind of driving. Gas vehicles can choose from either regular or premium octane engine tuning, while diesel owners can choose from three (3) different engine tuning programs. Hypertech users are also reporting anywhere from 1-3 mpg gains as well. The Max Energy Power Programmer also has application-specific performance features including Top-Speed/Rev Limiter, Speedometer Calibrator, Automatic Transmission Shift Points/Firmness, Cooling Fan 'On/Off' Temps, as well as read/display/clear DTCs. The Max Energy Power Programmer has quick & easy plug-and-play installation and is emissions certified 50-state legal (application specific).

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