MCE Fenders

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MADE IN THE USA. Our fenders blend the aggressive, true 'flatty' fender look of the original Jeep to the more modern Wrangler. Our fenders also provide more clearance for a taller tire and more aggressive looks. The MCE-spec TPO plastic will not sag or crack, is UV-stable, and flexible enough to absorb an impact on the trail and save your Jeep's body (a common problem with rigid metal fenders is transferring energy to the Jeep's body, and denting the panel the flare is attached to). Our material is so strong, our fenders have a no fine print LIFETIME warranty to the original buyer against cracking. Cold weather, off-road use, etc. does not affect this warranty. Gen II fenders are black in color with an OE-like surface texture, while the Gen III flares are glossy smooth with a realistic carbon fiber look. MCE TJ and YJ front fenders are installed over a trimmed OE fender (cutting template and instructions supplied) so the inner fenders and the accessories mounted to them remain untouched.

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