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MSD offers these 4-tower coils as higher performance replacements for a variety of years ranging from 1994-2003 on vehicles from Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler/Mitsubishi/Eagle/Jeep. This MSD Blaster Coil is designed as a replacement coil and produces a high voltage spark. To get even more ignition performance, install an MSD DIS-2 Ignition Control, PN 62112. There are two types of 4-tower coils used on the Eclipse, Neon, Talon, and other vehicles. The MSD Coil, PN 8239 has flat terminal pins, if you require a coil with round terminal pins, an Adapter can be ordered from Mopar Dealers as PN M04897087AA, or call the MSD Customer Service line at (915) 855-7123, ask for Adapter, ASY30160.

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