Pypes Performance exhaust

2 Categories  |  370 Applications Available

We can give you two good reasons to want these: [1] At the track, open them up for full flow and an extra 10-15 HP [2] At a stop light, open them up! Check your local sound ordinances. We can't be responsible for disturbing the peace' citations. This electric dump option can connect to any 2.5 in. exhaust system with an approximate 12 in. straight section and enough clearance for the motor/valve assemblies. Wiring and switch is included. Allows you to partially or fully open your exhaust from a switch you can mount anywhere in the car. Perfect for when a quick 10-20 horsepower is needed. Made in USA of CNC machined billet aluminum and a high quality motor. 5 year warranty. Another Pypes exclusive!

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